Outlast Records Showcase

Steven Callaway owns and operates Outlast Records. a small independent record label that showcases DIY punk and hardcore bands from California and around the country. the Outlast Records showcase in my opinion was the embodiment of a small punk rock community and its talent, coming together to create something special. without big money, managers, massive headlining bands or huge capacity rooms. the spirit of DIY and hardcore was alive from beginning to start. bands spoke about issues that concerned them, gave opinions on recent world issues including police violence and racism. this is where underground music comes to light and is kept afloat, its by community and close friends with zero ego or entitlement and done strictly for the feeling and pure emotion of hardcore. enjoy. - J




Soul Power

Step 4 Change


Drug Control

Violence To Fade

Black Lives Matter: Inglewood

last nights BLM rally was originally planned for Chuco's Justice Center in Inglewood, CA but was quickly filled to capacity. the meeting was then moved down the street to a near by park that had a huge theater with concrete seating. the entire venue was filled to quickly as people gathered to listen to BLM's message and overall goal when dealing with police killings. the group then marched down Manchester, through neighborhoods and ultimately taking over the intersections of Manchester and LaCienega. the night was powerful, important and peaceful as community leaders, protesters, BLM organizers and people from surrounding neighborhoods joined together in a massive scene of civil disobedience.

Black Lives Matter

yesterday I attended a BLM rally in direct response to recent videos that have surfaced online of people of color being killed in a disgusting and unbelievable fashion. this gathering was put together with a days notice and gained media attention, had several celebrity and well known musicians and hundreds of concerned residents of los angeles. I was going to take more photos but I had the opportunity to speak yesterday as well as march so I only have photos of the first hour. everything else taken by nightfall you can find on my instagram. shout out to LJ, Miranda and Emily for making this happen and leaving an impact on so many yesterday. no justice. no peace.

Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles

I was moved to tears by my first time seeing Bernie Sanders speak in Los Angeles tonight. I personally believe and support all of senator Bernie Sanders current stances on so many social issues, government transparency and fiscal responsibilities that this current system lacks. I felt like I witnessed actual history tonight. thank you Bernie, for standing up to this two party system and holding the money filled pockets of private interests and lobbying groups accountable. the biggest issue for me that Sanders supports is ending the drug war, this "war" single handedly supports the jailing of minorities in this country and enforcing it with a violent and militarized state of police misconduct. I know we can change this. Bernie can do it. not me, us. - J

Donald Trump 2016

I can't really put into words the disgusting and completely ignorant conversations and actions behind Trump supporters last night. the day started tense with a lot of people being denied entrance to the rally. protestors and supporters alike took to the streets to hash out their differences. the general feeling I took away from protestors (and myself) was that they wanted to see a country where race, globalism and fascism wasn't our future. the Trump campaign represents a hundred steps backwards when it comes to racial division. I cannot urge anyone reading this enough to go out and vote. this cannot happen. stand up and combat racism. by all means necessary. - J

Nowhere, CA

I spent almost three days driving all over california with my friends. there's something about listening to music with your friends, hitting the open road and acting like idiots that I will never get tired of. it's trips like these that give me a good reboot from the hustle of Los Angeles. thank you to everyone who made this trip a blast, current friends and new ones. I love you all. - J

I believe strongly, that Bernie Sanders needs to be the new face of the United States. today I stumbled across a rally put on by a Bernie Sanders commission of Burbank, California. the spirit of Bernie's supporters was electric as they demanded that CNN share equal coverage of the Senator as they do other candidates. Bernie Sanders has a strong stance in social justice as well as so many more important visions and ideas on how to revitalize this downward spiraling nation. I enjoyed taking these photos along with meeting people who believe in many of the same issues that I do. feel the bern. enjoy. - J